New File Upload Capability Available
April 24, 2003

Nathan Ingram
C3M Web Guy

A new feature has been installed on the C3M web site that will allow you to directly upload your troublesome Goldmine files directly to us. In the past, sending your tables to C3M required the use of e-mail, which can be troublesome when file sizes get large.

You'll see the upload link at the bottom of the Technical Support menu in the Client area of Clicking this link will take you to the upload page on which you will receive instructions on packaging your files for upload and the upload component itself:



Your files are stored in a secure area of our website until retrieved by a member of C3M technical support. As soon as your files are uploaded, an e-mail is immediately dispatched to our support team, informing them that files have been sent and await attention.

We expect this upload tool to be a very useful both to us and our clients. If you have suggestions for our web site, please don't hesitate to offer them to


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