The following are a sample of the strengths of the GoldMine system when coupled with C3M’s modification and expertise. This listing is constantly growing as GoldMine continues to improve the product line and our clients report new ways of using this software. An up-to-date version is provided in each C3M proposal and is also available upon request. If you are considering any other product, use this listing as a check-list. You will find that NOTHING comes close at any price. Call us for a quote on the system you need. Now, take a look at these:


 Nearly every field label can be changed to fit your needs. No need to be locked in with someone else's thinking. Beginning with C3M's admissions, development, church, or ministry template provides a strong foundation of the best practices of all C3M installs on which to build your system.

Virtually Unlimited User Definable Views and Fields 

With 20 user-definable views and 999 user definable fields, plus unlimited profile-detail views (multi-valued fields), the product has no known limit. Our largest clients have added only 200 fields to GoldMine's existing structure. All fields allow stacking of values up to the maximum length of the field – for example if you were using the C3M admissions template, up to six majors can be tracked in priority order within one field with unlimited majors/interests trackable on a user defined profile-detail view.

Huge User Base

With over 820,000+ users world-wide, no institution must function as a beta test site or be locked into problematic issues that stay unresolved. With development cost spread over so many clients/sales, costs are keep very low. Additionally, the usage of so many informed users causes system errors to be quickly discovered and corrected.


Read/write access is available down to the field level. Users can be limited to view only certain “screens”. Any changes to any field can be logged to the History tab, identifying the user who changed the record, when and the actual changes (original and changed values). The system administrator can decide which fields will have changes tracked.

Fantastic Value

Since Christian institutions can purchase this product at approximately 56% off retail thru C3M, it is the lowest priced product of this kind, often one-fifth the cost of "comparable" packages. The powerful combination of the GoldMine software foundation, the appropriate C3M template, and C3M’s very cost effective on-site assistance to get you up and running fast and the right way is really an unbelievable value. For example, if you were considering a 25 concurrent user system with the full service of the C3M team (our template, six days on-site service, customization to meet the clients desires, importing current data, full training and support for one year) you would need to compare to products that are often over $55,000 with annual maintenance fees over $7,000. C3M would price this package at about $11,000 with a maintenance fee of $1,500 after the first year. 

Technical Support Options

C3M provides support 24 hrs/day on C3M provided customizations and applications (free for the first year). Our own discussion area for C3M clients is a valuable tool to learn from others in the field as well as the C3M “experts” who participate in these conversations. Additionally, GoldMine has a large trained team of engineers (50+) that are available by phone during working hours. The News Groups are really on-line technical support and discussion groups that are immediately available and monitored by assigned engineers. The Fax-Back system provides additional documentation on hundreds of frequently asked questions and concerns. GoldMine’s entire Knowledge Base is available to all clients and is the same wealth of information utilized constantly by the GoldMine technical support team.

Automated Communication Flow

Simply, if you can dream a communication process, GoldMine can handle it. This powerful communication function can move a contact through your process, scheduling actions at points you have determined, automatically printing needed letters ready for signature (or with scanned in signatures) as well as informing appropriate staff of needed action. A contact can be on multiple communication tracks that include sophisticated logic and options (letters, emails, reports, calls, triggering other events. etc.). With this powerful function, there is virtually no limit to the sophistication of your communication flow that can be automatically generated.

Complete Calendar Control

By being able to view another user's calendar, a user can schedule an action for an individual or group, notify those persons, and track the event. This graphical display rivals those of other dedicated scheduling programs.

Automatic Contact History

Every letter, e-mail, phone call, etc. appears on the history tab in chronological order. Simple mouse click opens more details on each item.

Fantastic Tele-Counseling

Unmatched phone call tracking is a foundation of GoldMine. Notes for each call as well as activity and result coding are added to the contact history. Follow-up calls and other actions are easily assigned while still in the call function. Printed call lists are obsolete with the system’s electronic Activity lists of calls needed – allows direct connection to the record, reassignment, and quick sorting. On-line scripts and references are easily accessible and updateable through the Info-Center. Branching scripts (if yes, say this and update this field, if no, say this, etc.) are also an option if desired.

Vast Array of 3rd Party Add-ons

With such a vast amount of users, an entire industry has formed with nearly every conceivable add-on including: Caller-ID links, import/export utilities, accounting links, synchronization with cell-phone calendars, etc. 


Letter Creation

Seamless integration to Microsoft Word is accomplished with a direct DLL link that provides immediate launching of the word processor and merging of GoldMine information into any letter, on-demand (point and click) or as part of the sophisticated automated process system. The full capabilities of Word’s variable paragraphing capabilities can be utilized. Other word processing packages can be used but not as well.

Unparalleled E-Mail Control

Most clients find that GoldMine's E-Mail Center eliminates the need for any other e-mail manager. Distribution to a group of contacts is simple. E-mails can be tied directly to student records if desired. Internal (within the net-work) and external (via POP3 server compatible) can be handled. GoldMine can use MS-Outlook as the default e-mail manager. GoldMine support multiple e-mail accounts for each contact.

Many Report Options

User definable reports are available through GoldMine or Crystal. Statistical summaries of calls and actions are hard coded in GoldMine. The system has unlimited potential for creating sophisticated reports. User logs allow reporting by each person on activities planned and accomplished.

Queries, Filters and Groups

Selection criteria for records can be quickly entered through prompting wizards that provide assistance in building queries. Once formed, queries can be used to schedule calls to this group, merge a particular letter or e-mail to these contacts, etc.

Automated data entry

Repetitive data entry tasks can be quickly automated (i.e. marking necessary credentials for this type of record, updating the territory manager based on zip, city, type of record or any other criteria, etc.)

Automated Web-capture

Inquiries through your web site can be responded to automatically and added to the appropriate communication flow. Notification to the appropriate territory manager of a new inquiry that needs some specific attention can be a part of the process.

Duplicate Checking

New records are checked by name, SSN, phone and e-mail with a powerful inter-active duplicate checking process at the point of initial data entry.


A sophisticated merge-purge utility allows the system administrator to decide on a field by field basis what data is kept or ignored. Ignored portions can be written to a history record so no deleted element is lost.

Great Documentation

GoldMine is fully documented in both User's and Reference Manuals. Additionally, the on-line Help and Info-Center systems provide superior assistance. Up-to-the minute documentation is available via the Web for downloading.

User Defined Reference

The Info-Center is an unlimited, searchable data-base on any topic the user desires. Documents, letters, scripts and graphics can be placed in this area for up-to-date reference by your staff – no need to keep up with hard-copy documentation (notebook references, etc) that can be so out-of-date. Any change or addition to the Info-Center is instantly available to all users. The system also allows browsing of the 40 most recent additions so everyone can be kept current. Additionally, a user can select automatic notification of changes since the last login.

Easy Updating

Within the same product version, constant attention is given to reported problems and needed fixes. New builds are automatically downloaded on a frequent basis at no cost. Even when an entirely new GoldMine was released (4.0 in 1/98 and 5.0 in 12/99) current users were offered a self-loading and self-guided rebuild at a discount (about $75 per each 5 users – total cost).

Notebook Synchronizing

Remote users do not have to be without data and GoldMine capability. With GoldSync (additional charge), remote users can be updated with changes to the parent system, as well as provide changes and launch actions to the parent system. Synchronization with other portables (Palm-Pilots, CE units, etc.) is accomplished directly from within GoldMine.

Individualized Configuration

Each user gains control of their screen colors, tool-bars, password, alarm time, etc. through customizing their preference screen.

Integration with Organization-wide System

The easy importing/exporting processes of GoldMine make bridging to the any other system a straight-forward task. Assistance can be provided in developing this linking system.

Training Opportunities

Most Platinum vendors provide on-going training opportunities in all aspects of GoldMine. Many vendors have developed very complete training packages by video tape. C3M offers training opportunities through its annual Advanced User’s Conference and other meetings.


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