C3M Online Support System

Technical Support Options

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For client application support – best uses related to the client’s install, improvements in processes, importing or exporting data and clarification of use, etc. Program problems (error messages and internal issues) are supported mainly by documentation, online GoldMine and C3M newsgroups, the GM KnowledgeBase and directly from the manufacturer. C3M assists only within staffing and time limits.

Participants: Annual Charge (August thru July) after the ninety-day warranty period -- $1,800 per install less 10% for each install after the first. Unlimited application support. Issues outside application support are limited toone-hour per incident and  then charged at the non-participant rate less 20%. This plan includes limited support for C3M-installed GoldSync but does not include such issues as re-hosting, new installs, etc. The first payment will be prorated based on the number of months remaining to the next normal payment cycle (August and February). Payments are 50% due August 1 and 50% due February 1. Paying a whole year in advance is discounted 5%.

Nonparticipants: $180 per hour beginning September 1, 2002 ($30/increment) – minimum charge of $40.



Participants: 24/7 by toll free line (no LD phone charges).

Nonparticipants: 24/7 by toll free line-charges include phone.


C3M web site and threaded technical discussion group

Participants: Full access including password protected area.

Nonparticipants: Access to only public portion of website.


Report writing assistance (GoldMine, Crystal, and Excel)

Participants: 40% discount from the current hourly rate (i.e. $150 => $90/hour for this year).

Nonparticipants: No discount. $180 per hour beginning September 1, 2002 ($30/increment) – minimum charge of $40.


On-Site Support

Participants: 20% discount from current daily consulting rate and an accumulating credit of 20% of a day per year toward on-site GoldMine related assistance (limited to up-to one-day on-site assistance) for each year of paid technical support.

Nonparticipants: Full daily rate for on-site assistance. No accumulation of on-site assistance credit.


Products and Outside Services

Participants: 10% discount from normal C3M pricing on any GM related purchase or out-side services contracted thru C3M (limited to no less than our actual costs) including outside contractors (networking and SQL expertise) and all future GM upgrades and the C3PX program (this means that participants who did not pre-purchase C3PX can get it at a discounted price of $900 (instead of $995).

Nonparticipants: No discount from normal C3M pricing.


National User’s Conference or any C3M sponsored GoldMine related workshop

Participants: One free registration/year/per paid contract (one/each for primary and additional sites covered by annual support). Discounts are in proportion to the amount paid by the beginning of the conference. Additional users from a participating college will be provided a 20% discount of the registration fee.

Nonparticipants: Full registration fee with additional registrants receiving only a 10% discount.


New Product Development

Participants: Input and involvement. Deep discounts for beta test sites.

Nonparticipants: No input, involvement or discount.



Participants: Ongoing notification to each install's client contact of any updates, changes and improvements to the GoldMine system through new-letters, web-postings, etc.

Nonparticipants: General news-mail and publicly available postings. Other notifications at C3M’s discretion.


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