...spiritual, personal and professional...Our attrition rate went from over 40% to 23%.  Our Director of Admissions still regularly reads through the document he left with us several years ago to check our program against his recommendations.  It is not often that you live nearly ten years with a consultant's report. 

Kenneth D. Idleman, President - Ozark Christian College

...capable and effective professional in the entire enrollment management area...recommended without hesitation. 

Royce Money, President - Abilene Christian University


...impeccable integrity... combines a genuine concern, a true servant nature and a wealth of experience with a high level of competence.  We are still benefiting from advice he gave us many years ago. 

Ken Malmin, Dean - Portland Bible College


...feel that your presence was prophetic...the report that you gave became our strategic plan.  We required our Director of Admissions to read the report twice each year.  Enrollment has nearly doubled with growth every year. 

Jeff Farmer, President - Eugene Bible College


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