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Providing proven Christ centered counsel
& student choice

1. Consulting

     Organizational Leadership

Leadership Issues

Leadership Training

     Enrollment Services

On-Campus Assessment of Recruiting/Retention Plans

Team Motivation

On-campus Team and Prospective Student Visit Events

2. Speaking

     Leadership God's Way - Foundational Biblical Principles

          for Challenging Times

     Why Choose a Christian College?  THE Top Ten Reasons

     Making The Tough Staffing Decisions

             and many other topics

3. Publications for Your Recruiting

     Student email/letter content

     Content for your website

     College specific brochure

4. Website Resources

     On-going research on value of Christian higher education

     Up-to-date stats

     Publications and Podcasts


It's simple - we endeavor to provide the most current and accurate counsel so our clients can make the best decisions possible - whether for a Christian college which strategy and direction is best to achieve God's best for that institution, for a Christian ministry needing counsel on an organizational issue, or a Christian family deciding on which type of college for their student to attend.

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